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Grenache gris and blanc, Maccabeu
The Unexpected. A surprising full dry white wine--fresh but mineral and very complex.
Grenaches (plus a bit of maccabeu) fermented and aged (10 months) on lees in 500L barrels.
Forceful enough to enjoy with good canned sardines, mackerel or veal blanquette, a rare match for organic goat cheese, surprising with Apple Crumble.
Mademoiselle Lily
Viognier, Roussanne
A half acre that we planted in 2000 in a rocky field.
It is a full white with subtle notes of white flowers and verveine.
Lily is for an aperitif with friends or a spicy curry with loved ones!
Emmenez-moi au bout du Terret
Terret Bourret
A lighter white, original and refreshing, made with Terret Bourret, local to the Herault. Fermentation and aging in amphorae
Terret Bourret is the pink skinned version of this historical, local grape.
Great with cockles, oysters, light grilled fishes or chicken.
Retour aux Origines
Terret Gris, Piquepoul gris and Carignan Blanc
Ancient grapes Piquepoul gris, Terret gris and Carignan blanc.
Our newest quest, to find the true Languedoc white Wine.
Plantation sourced from a conservatory of lost pink varietals in the Minervois. Plus a newly acquired Carignan Blanc vineyard.
À Fleur de Peau
3 weeks skin contact dry Muscat
Orange wine with yum! Intense apricot and orange blossom
Happy, comme un dimanche à la plage
Muscat X Terret
Acidic Terret Verjus macarated in very ripe Muscat skins.
Very light, pure perfume.
Completely different.
Douce Providence
Muscat blanc à petits grains
« AOC Muscat de St. Jean de Minervois is fortified wine—fermentation is stopped with a fortification of 8-10% pure grape spirit when fermentation has lowered the sugars to only 125 g/litre. Fortification brings finished wine to 15 degrees. Oh Sweet Providence ! »
Pineapple, and roses aromas. Astounding apéritif to accompany Roquefort toasts or over fruit pie.
Nicole didn't come to St Jean to make muscat--but once here there's no denying that muscat is the soul of the village.
Pour un peu de tendresse
Late harvest Muscat.
Soft and Tender.
Romance in a bottle ?
Jour de Teuf
Muscat Petnat
Festive, clean and happy petnat with a note of orange blossoms and delightfully tiny bubbles.
Jour de Teuf is bottle and beer-capped at exactly the perfect point before the end of fermentation.
Piquepoul gris, blanc and noir
Planted in 2019, Nicole had a taste for a claret.
Bright ruby wine, from a short skin soak of piquepoul gris, noir, and blanc plus a splash of Cinsault.
Heritage wine. Before the arrival of carignan, grenache, and company around 1850, Languedoc reds were light in color and made from Terret, Piquepoul, Cinsault, etc...
A delicate bouquet and extreme drinkability.
We saved these old carignans, the oldest planted in 1911, from being ripped out and perhaps that’s why they’ve been giving their best. Carignan, treated seriously and respectfully, returns the flavour.
With Carignan, you have to taste to judge ripeness— you wait for the seeds to be crunchy brown and the moment when you finally exclaim “ahh, that’s good…”
When tasting, the sensations that come first are: purety and balance. The richness of the fruit and tannins, make this wine the perfect seducer. Blackberry color, cherry and laurel nose.
Perfect with roast guinea-fowl, lamb, or lasagne.
Cabernet Sauvigon
A Cabernet Sauvignon from the mountains, 300m and the highest vineyard in Saint Jean de Minervois.
Mineral like the white limestone gravel that carpets the ground.
Two years aging in 400l French Barrels.
Profound, peppery and Blackberry. A Class Act!
Sous les cailloux des Grillons
Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Grenache and Terret noir
A red wine, frank and fresh—red fruit, fluidity and a touch of tannin. 8 days skin time for this blend of all our red varietals, aging in tank only.
In St. Jean, the soil is only white gravel ; in our youngest vine, under these rocks innumerable crickets find shade from the scorching Mediterranean sun. At night they come out to play (and during the day, they are under the rocks).
VDP (igp) Côtes du Brian.
Great with grilled meat, Italian food or tomato cuisine.
Côté Obscur
Carignan et Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark, black and leather.
The Dark Side of Gravillas. Pure yum.
Rendez-vous sur la Lune
Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault
AOP Minervois Rouge... A red Minervois from the moon.
Tank aged wine. Preserved flavors of garrigue, fresh fruit, chalky texture.
In honor of the lunar terroir of Cazelles.
Looking for biodiversity through a diversity of grape varieties, 18 today ...
Carignan noir, gris et blancs
Grenache blanc, gris et noir
Muscat petit grains
Terret gris et noir
Piquepoul blanc, gris et noir
Cabernet Sauvignon
Roussanne et Viognier.
Ancient grape varieties from Languedoc are especially highlighted with a lot of freshness, a style that suits them well.